Travel Photography from Spain 2016

When I travel for myself its always a struggle to decide how much time I want to spend taking photos. On the one hand I love photography, and there is nothing more enticing to a photographer than shooting somewhere unfamiliar.  A new aesthetic seems to jump out around every corner. As a professional those new and exciting places get you thinking about potential portfolio or promotional pieces. But once you go down that road are you really experiencing what makes travel so special and enlightening anymore? I spend my life working with cameras and it is healthy to experience a place with just my eyes and not spend the entire trip looking through a viewfinder or at a monitor.  While traveling through Spain a few months ago I occasionally forced myself to leave my camera behind and just experience Granada, Toledo, Madrid, Rhonda, Cordoba, and the country in between for what they are...but I also took a shit ton of photos. I can't help myself. Here are a few.

PNBBinc Product Shoot

Recently I was hired by PNBBinc to shoot both there catalogue and feature product shots. The challenge was to create a variety of environments to showcase their products in action with the luxury lifestyle feel the client was interested in.  I was able to find a studio space that allowed me to create both a yoga and professional workplace atmosphere as well as doing the table top shots for knockout.  

A surprise BTS shot from my model who was using my phone as a prop at the time. Thanks IngaLisa Wickstrom from SMG.

A surprise BTS shot from my model who was using my phone as a prop at the time. Thanks IngaLisa Wickstrom from SMG.

PNBB product lifestyle with Ingalisa

Here are a few more...

Shooting for a Commercial Client - Individual Style vs. Diverse Skill Set

One of my best clients as a freelance commercial and editorial photographer has been Port Ludlow Resort. In school it was always encouraged to focus on developing a specific style so that potential clients know what they can expect from you. Photographers strive to have a "thing" they are known for. While I agree that having a unique style is beneficial as it allows potential clients and art directors to feel comfortable that the know what they will get on a commercial shoot, it should not come at the expense of developing a broad skill set. The majority of the work I post to my website is outdoor lifestyle or product related to sports and outdoor adventure. This is my focus and the reason I originally did a lifestyle and landscape shoot at Port Ludlow's Golf Course. It was a great shoot that fit my style and I have used multiple images from that day on my website and in my book.  Here are a few images that I haven't previously shared.

As you can see I started off shooting landscapes and sports images that are very much in line with what you see on my website and in my printed portfolio. However, Port Ludlow's need for this type of imagery is limited. What they did have coming up was a large development called Port Ludlow Cottages. Because I had spent time learning about architecture and real estate photography even though it wasn't my focus I was able to step in and provide professional quality images for their development as well. So while my style may have helped draw their attention, it was my ability to adapt that has allowed me to keep them on as one of my best clients.  Here are some examples of the work I have done for Port Ludlow Cottages over the last several months.

Getting a client is just the first step. In order to have a successful career as a freelance photographer you need to establish relationships with clients that allow you to continue to shoot for them on a regular basis. I am thankful I have had the opportunity to develop that relationship with Port Ludlow Resort. I was also happy to hear that one of the homes I photographed for them won this years PCBC Gold Nugget honors for Single Family Detached Home under 2000 square feet. Congrats!

Of course I always love the opportunity to do what I love the most and couldn't have been more excited to shoot some landscapes and lifestyle images for their marina. And what a night for it! Keep and eye on my Landscape gallery for more...

Sunset Marina Landscape

Washington Backpacking Lifestyle Shoot

Last spring I took a short backpacking trip with some people I had met during my time as a commercial photography student. We went to one of my favorite places on the Olympic Penisula, the South Coast Trail.  I brought one of my classmates and her husband to be my models and two other students from the program as photography assistants.  It was a successful shoot producing multiple lifestyle images that I used both in my printed portfolio and on the outdoor adventure gallery on my website. One of my assistants, Chris Powell ( ), produced a BTS video as well as some wonderful BTS stills that I wanted to share. Big thanks to my other assistant Daniel Silverberg as well as the models Nelle and Tim Clark.

Image Enhancement for Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

I have always enjoyed shooting landscapes, outdoor adventure lifestyle, and sports products. The post production techniques I have developed in photoshop allow me to capture the overall feeling of those experiences in a single still frame. I utilize a variety of image enhancement techniques such as curves adjustments, gradient maps, radial gradients, and selective color saturations adjustments to help create the mood that I want. I generally use Lightroom to catalogue and organize my images. However, other than lens profile correction I don't do any post outside of Photoshop. By utilizing image manipulation I am able to bring the epic feeling that an experience like this can have but is rarely translated into a single frame.

Lake Union Crew Sport Training Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Lake Union Crew to photograph their competitive teams morning training sessions. Anytime you are dealing with outdoor sports the weather is a huge factor. The first few times I went out with them it was, unfortunately, a typical Seattle grey day. Finally, I was able to photograph them on a day that was not only dry, but beautiful and calm. My favorite images from the shoot can be seen in my Outdoor Adventure and Sports Lifestyle gallery but I wanted to share a few more here because it was such a stunning morning. Thanks again LUC!

Studio Promo Shoot for Peter Hanson Photography

As part of a video assignment I did at Seattle Central I made a short social media promo for myself. The majority of work I do ends up being on location because I am drawn to epic landscapes, adventure, and sports photography. However, i also enjoy the lighting control that you only get shooting in studio. Nothing beats a proper studio environment when trying to solve the particular lighting puzzle that each individual object can present during a commercial product shoot. When I am in studio I enjoy shooting high speed capture of liquids so I thought it would be fun to do some video work with liquids as well. The video was created entirely in camera and edited with Adobe Premier.