Travel Photography from Spain 2016

When I travel for myself its always a struggle to decide how much time I want to spend taking photos. On the one hand I love photography, and there is nothing more enticing to a photographer than shooting somewhere unfamiliar.  A new aesthetic seems to jump out around every corner. As a professional those new and exciting places get you thinking about potential portfolio or promotional pieces. But once you go down that road are you really experiencing what makes travel so special and enlightening anymore? I spend my life working with cameras and it is healthy to experience a place with just my eyes and not spend the entire trip looking through a viewfinder or at a monitor.  While traveling through Spain a few months ago I occasionally forced myself to leave my camera behind and just experience Granada, Toledo, Madrid, Rhonda, Cordoba, and the country in between for what they are...but I also took a shit ton of photos. I can't help myself. Here are a few.

Peter HansonComment